Keston Cobblers Club play The David Hall

As the Orionids Meteor Shower radiated above South Petherton, the Keston Cobblers Club and Small Town Jones played a stellar sell-out gig to a beaming audience at The David Hall.

Keston Cobblers' Club
Keston Cobblers’ Club at The David Hall on 22 October 2016.

Saturday night gigs across the world start in a dimly lit venue, the stage kitted out with lights, amps, cables, mic stands and an assortment of instruments that offer their potential. Holding a variety of drinks, the gathering audience swells and their anticipation becomes palpable. The band then takes to the stage and the performance begins – at which point each gig becomes unique. On Saturday night in South Petherton the Keston Cobblers Club furnished the Hall with their blend of eclectic creativity, verve, surprise, musical and lyrical craft and youthful charm.

“Every song is an absolute killer … They’re terrific”

 Dermot O’Leary, BBC Radio 2

The band’s musical style can’t be categorised specifically, as it incorporates folk, skiffle, circus, brass bands and more. Rarely will an audience be presented with instruments as varied as a tuba, accordion and spoons in one song – other than perhaps Sgt. Pepper – but the Cobblers bring them together skilfully in a joyful and tight blend of sounds that evokes Wes Anderson filmic imagery and American majorettes.

Giraffe Junkie and the Equine Tragedy that brought you to me every day, you take my breath away…

Cobblers Collective, 2011







Whether on stage or playing amidst the crowd, the Keston Cobblers Club are gorgeously idiosyncratic, super talented and wonderfully entertaining. At the end of the evening the crowd showed their delight by loud cheering, much applause and piercing whistles – certainly a night to treasure!



Small Town Jones

Small Town Jones open-up for the Keston Cobblers Club.

Small Town Jones hails from North Devon yet evokes Austin, Texas. Jim’s easy demeanour, warm vocals and well-crafted songs ensured a strong opening set for the Keston Cobblers Club. Accompanied by David’s electric guitar and rich harmonies, Small Town Jones created an affecting performance for the appreciative Somerset audience.



1326449906_img_0023 1326207028_fs_cover

Every year The David Hall provides some of the most entertaining, diverse and high-quality live music around – be it blues, roots, classical or folk. This year the stage has held Louisiana’s Lil’ Jimmy Reid, Moose Moss Rutter, Shooglenifty and so many more. Pete Wheeler, the Hall’s renowned music guru, has already programmed the acts for 2017 and is now working on 2018. At the heart of the programme is a desire to offer the local community a wealth of talented artists from wide-ranging musical backgrounds.

The David Hall is an outstanding arts venue that acts as a cultural cocoon in the heart of South Somerset.

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In their own words…

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