Police Dog Hogan play Somerset’s David Hall

Police Dog Hogan on stage

Police Dog Hogan mounted the stage, confessed “we’re one step closer to our dream of playing North Petherton”, and launched into a rousing gig that delighted and entertained the South Petherton throng. During the interval, the band’s sheer rock and roll brilliance scaled its highest peak when drawing the raffle tickets – which they performed with elan and described as “a peculiar and specific honour” (the tea towel went to pink 458).

The band play to a sell out crowd
The band sold out The David Hall, South Petherton on 3rd December 2016.

This song’s been good to us – in the same way that Shaddup You Face was good to Joe Dolce.

Starting with the firm favourite Shitty White Wine, they continue with St. Lucie’s Day and follow-on with a song “for all the men in the audience” – Man Needs A Shed – before performing “a misdirected murder ballad”, Thunderheads and Judgement Day. These songs provide evidence of the range of the band and their ability to play compelling and tight rhythms, beautiful harmonies, stripped-back and exposed lyrics, sculptural melodies as well as rousing choruses that offer some sing-a-long-a-times. In fact, everything about the band’s aesthetic appears to be considered, from their music and performance on stage to the variety and quality of their videos to their album covers and merchandise (including those rather special tea-towels!).

Why has no one commented on this?? It’s one of the loveliest songs I’ve ever heard…

fiddler takes centre stage

The A303 is even better than the Atlantic Highway.

Police Dog Hogan is an awesome eight-piece band that got together in 2009. They play a mix of bluegrass, country, a bit of pop and a drizzle of LA Creole Zydeco. Leading producers have crafted their first three albums and the band will launch their new album (Wild By The Side Of The Road) in February 2017 at Nell’s Jazz and Blues in London. Alongside The David Hall, Police Dog Hogan have played other illustrious venues including Glastonbury’s Avalon Stage, Larmer Tree and the Americana Music Association Awards in Nashville. Whilst the band members all have day jobs – including a couple of journalists, a QC and an owner of a post-production facility – through their grit, perseverance and sheer musical talent, they have managed to become a cohesive unit that belongs on stage and in front of an audience. One dedicated fan of the band said “They give you hope that you could do it too”.

For the sound of the fiddle and the mandolin, the banjo and accordion
The wheeze of the harmonium, in a public house in Fowey
The bass is loud, there’s a bang on the snare in a village hall somewhere
Back before you know it, I’m a West Country Boy
I’ll be back before you know it, I’m a West Country Boy.
La la lie la la lie..

West Country Boy Lyrics by Police Dog Hogan

Police Dog Hogan

We aspire to be like Motley Crew attitudinally. Vince Neil didn’t want Grey Poupon mustard on their rider. In Rochester, N.Y. he was once more offered an inferior quality Dijon mustard, whereupon Vince flew into a rage and threw the jar against the wall – it smashed and the glass bounced back and severed his artery. We’re hoping, in due course, to be a bit like that.

And with that fine introduction, the band launch into La Moutarde de Dijon, a Zydecoesque song that brings Tim Dowling’s vocals and banjo to the fore – Ooo la la. The audience clearly loved the performance, and when it came time for the band to leave, an encore was demanded.

All in all, a great band put on a great gig for a great audience!

Police Dog Hogan on stage
Banjo, harmonica, fiddle, drums, trumpet, banjo, mandolin, accordion and guitars!

Year after year, the David Hall’s music programme is expertly, and lovingly, crafted by the unfaltering Pete Wheeler, and once again he produced a stonking night of good times for us. Pete has invited Police Dog Hogan back for another bite of the David Hall cherry in 2017 – which will be another sure fire sell-out.


The David Hall provides some of the most inspiring and wide-ranging live music around, be it blues, roots, classical or folk. It’s a stellar venue that acts as a cultural cocoon in the heart of South Somerset!

The David Hall Programme 2017.



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